Blessing the Nations: HongKong & Macau, 30 June – 21 July 2015

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It’s been a few years since Ps. Daniel Hendrata and Ps. Debby Catharina went to minister in this part of the Far East region. Finally, they made it back to HongKong and Macau.

Upon arrival, Free Believers in Christ Fellowship International (FBCFI), HongKong hosted them. This English-speaking church, under the leadership of Bishop Moses Chungalao has about 500 Filipinos who mostly work as domestic helpers. From the 1st to the 5th of July, both Ps. Daniel and Ps. Debby were ministering there. The 1st of July, which happened to be HongKong’s Independence Day allowed all of them to gather together and worship. Then, on 2nd, 3rd, 4th of July, both pastors were sharing in the Thursday, Friday, and Saturday group. Again on 5th of July, two of the church outreaches (Tsuen Wan and Tuen Mun) celebrated their 18th and 16th anniversary, so we had two combined full-house services that Sunday. The message that both pastors delivered for this particular church was emphasizing on their identity, that even though most of them are domestic helpers by profession, they are actually children of the Most High God, and agents of change. Praise the Lord! We really hope the word that had been shared would grow and bear much fruit in their lives.

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From HongKong, Ps. Daniel and Ps. Debby continued their journey to Macau. On the 7th of July, they were welcomed to attend and give encouragement to an Indonesian Home Fellowship led by Ps. Beto. On the 8th of July, from morning to afternoon, both pastors were taping video clip for “Your Grace” album. Assisted by some church workers of FBCFI, Macau, where both pastors ministered to that night. It’s amazing to learn that the congregation gathered for worship only at night, after their working hours, thus the service started at 10pm and ended slightly past midnight. What an experience! They are so hungry for God that they are willing to take the time to congregate, regardless of the late hours. Thanks to Ps. Verna Pacyaya for hosting Ps. Daniel and Ps. Debby.

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On the 9th of July, Ps. Daniel and Ps. Debby went back to HongKong; Their children and Ps. Daniel’s parents joined them also. On the 12th of July, they were all ministering at GBI TungChung in the morning. It was great that we were able to bless the Diaspora of fellow Indonesians there. They were encouraged and reminded about why God had sent them to that part of the world. On the same day, both Pastors also had a chance to go back again to the FBCFI, HongKong in the afternoon. Ps. Daniel Hendrata preached about Making Decision to Serve the Lord. The disciples of Jesus, Simon and his friends, forsook all in order to follow Jesus, thus the congregation was blessed and challenged to dedicate their lives to serve the Lord as well.

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This trip was a blessing also because Ps. Daniel and Ps. Debby had the opportunity to take a pilgrimage tour with their family to their ancestor village in China. The village is located in FuQing. The biggest nearby city is FuZhou in the province of FuJian, China. It is amazing how they found out that the home of Ps. Daniel’s great grandparents are still preserved, and the local government even made it to become a heritage home. One of the reasons is because they were acknowledged as heroes of education. Even at that time, when China was still poor and devastated because of the civil war, they made a movement to make sure that the children received education in order to get a better future. Ps. Daniel and his team did not know anything about it before. It’s amazing to see the correlation of what Anugrah Ministries are doing now for the poor children with the Adikku Sayang scholarship program.

The trip continued and completed in HongKong. The final leg of the trip, they ministered at ICA Hong Kong Indonesian Service on 17th until 19th of July 2015. In this church, they met the Indonesians who work in HongKong; some of them as professionals and even as business owners, and the rest as domestic workers. These became special services, because three generations were serving the Lord together (Ps. Daniel’s parents, Ps. Daniel and Ps. Debby, and their children). Such a joy to see how the Lord used them to touch many lives there. Some of the people who came to the services did not know Christ yet, but now they have become believers. This is the fulfillment of 1 Timothy 2:4 about God, “who desires all people to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.”

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