Visitation to Parapattan Orphanage, Jakarta, 11 May 2019

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On Saturday, 11 May 2019, Anugrah Ministries Team synergizing with Anugrah Church visited Parapattan Orphanage. This is one of the oldest orphanages in Indonesia, established on 17th October 1832. At this point of time, 34 children live in the orphanage, from Playgroup until High School. Two of them are even studying in University.

We went there bringing 200 kg of rice, 16 boxes of instant noodle, stationery such as, cardboard, origami paper, glue, also clothes and other food supplies. We also gave them some cash for supporting their education.
Our team reached there at 3:00 pm.

As soon as we arrived, the children welcomed us joyfully. They were not shy to greet us. They helped us carry the goods we brought, in to the house. We started the program with praise and worship session by Anugrah Church Team, then Ps. Debby Catharina delivered the Word of God about how God loves us and accepts us the way we are, also reminding them that their past must not necessarily determine their future.

After sermon, we played Dodge Ball. The children were very supportive. They enthusiastically cheered on the competing teams. It was such a fun moment. Every kid was filled with joy and gladness.

Thanks to all who have contributed through Anugrah Ministries and Anugrah Church. Your contribution has made it possible for us to bring happiness to these less fortunate children. May God bless you indeed.

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