Brief Update about Palu Relief #Solider4Palu – Day 1, 08 October 2018

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Our team consists of 13 personnel. We left last night, 11 of us on Monday, 8 Oct 2018, at 02:30 am by Batik Air. Two of us left at 06:30am by Hercules (Indonesian Airforce). Thank God everyone in our team arrived safely.

Palu is not the same anymore. It does not look like the way I used to admire it before the Earthquake and Tsunami. From the plane, I could see some of the mountain ranges that had collapsed. I cannot imagine what happened to the villages nearby or the people who lived in those areas.

Life is very fragile indeed.

14 Feb 2018, I was invited to Rock Church at Palu to give a family seminar on “Communication and Intimacy in Family.”
Today, I stepped back at Palu with mixed feeling.

Looking at the Air Tower Control that collapsed, I cannot imagine the story of Anthonius (the Tower Control attendant on duty on that fated day). He was the only one left in the station; he stayed to make sure the last plane took off safely, bringing more than 140 people. After which, the Tower Control collapsed, and it caused his life. His heroic action saved hundreds of life.

Praise the Lord, we brought in total 5 tons of goods, divided into three flights: 2 tons by Batik Air dan Hercules, 1.5 tons and 1.5 tons by Hercules (still waiting for fixed schedule from Halim Perdana Kusuma Airport).

This afternoon, we are strolling around Sigi area. I saw how ruined Sigi is. I had been to many major earthquake locations, but this is yet the WORST I have been.

Many villages had not received any relief help, though it was already H+12. Our arrival brought a new glimpse of hope for them.

My brief assessment at Sigi:
• Schools collapsed – some students died under the rubble.
• Church buildings and other religious centers ruined. 1 GBI Church building totally destroyed. 1 Salvation Army Church building structurally damaged.
• No electricity.
• Tap water is not flowing.
• Very little food supply.
• No baby formulas.
• 80% of housing or commercial areas collapsed.

How to continue living? Sometimes, it is hard to understand God’s plan and sovereignty, more over His goodness. Yet, I see how the victims can still smile and give thanks to God!!

We aim to serve 5,000 people with our relief medic operation for the next 10 days, and somehow this number seems too small compared to what could be done.

However, it is this glimpse of HOPE that keeps them alive, fighting for their future, and trying to arise from the ashes.

-Hope keeps us alive-

I met this lady, her name is Rachel, she was coming in bringing two small children. I asked how she was, she said, “Fine.” I asked her further, “Is there any more reason for you to give thanks to the Lord?” She said, “Yes! I am still alive and that’s my very reason to give thanks to the Lord.” She is so determined to confess that God is good, inspite of losing her home. Together with her children she came, and one of them is named David Beckham. Yes, just like that famous soccer player.

Then, I learnt my lesson that these people are not bitter with God!! And by coming to this place, we actually brought hope, and the bible recorded that hope keeps us alive. It is true indeed!

Today, because of limited time, we could only reach 50 families, but tomorrow, we are planning to reach to 300-500 people. If the progress is proven true than within 10 days we would be able to reach around 5,000 people.


Our medic team is determined to stay for the next 10 days in Palu. If necessary, we will send 2nd shift from Jakarta. This is the highest dedication being displayed in the life of these doctors and nurses who are becoming my good friends starting today. Some of them take leave from the hospitals they are working in (some even use up their annual leave for the sake of helping the Earthquake victims). Some have to leave their spouse and children behind. Such noble dedication and unique decision they had made. After all, they are just human like you and me. Not to forget many of our staff and Adikku Sayang Scholarship students who had been working hard 4 consecutive days prior to our departure to Palu, preparing the relief supplies.

We can do all these works because we have selfless friends like you. Yes, YOU!! Thank you for giving your best. I believe your gift has blessed them tremendously. We will keep going, until all is well done. Please keep us in your prayer.

In HIS Service,
Ps. Daniel Hendrata
and all the team of Anugrah Ministries.

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