Church MakeOver 53: GBI Moris Jaya Tulang Bawang – Lampung, September 2018 – November 2019

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By the grace of God, Anugrah Ministries was able to MakeOver one of the churches in Tulang Bawang, Lampung. GBI Moris Jaya is located in the village of Moris Jaya, sub-district Banjar Agung, district Tulang Bawang, in the province of Lampung, Indonesia.
GBI Moris Jaya, appointed as the 53rd CMO Project, is a branch under the leadership of Pastor Suwito Adi, who was also appointed as the 11th CMO Project in the year of 2012.

If it is the will of God, no man can stand against it.
The project started in September 5 2018, but was delayed because the local community was against the location where the church would be built.

We then found a better and more suitable location to build the church.
This 53rd CMO Project will include:

1. Brand New Church Building

2. Brand New Pastor’s Quarters

3. Brand New Bathroom

After a long process, the building of a new church building for GBI Moris Jaya finally completed on November 13, 2019. It was a monumental day for the congregation.

Pastor Daniel Hendrata shared a few words from Isaiah 60, after the officiating ceremony of the new church building. We should all rise and shine, bringing light to the community around us.

We would like to thank the Lord Jesus Christ for his grace surrounding this project, as well as the partners and sponsors who have supported this 53rd CMO Project from start to finish. May this project serve as a testament that nothing is impossible for our God.
Jesus bless you.

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