Stronger in Grace

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Have you ever read some verses in the Bible that you think it’s not that important? Well here is one unnoticed, power-packed truth that comes in a very small package.
“You therefore, my son, be strong in the grace that is in Christ Jesus.” -2 Timothy 2:1
So small right? But if you listen closely, you’ll see that this under-estimated Scripture gives us four insights about God’s grace. They are:

1: First of all, if God asks us to be strong in grace, then that is exactly God’s will for our lives. Period. Certainly God would never ask us to do something that wasn’t His will.

2: God’s grace can be strengthened! Just like any muscle, when exercised, it’ll grow in strength and size. The stronger we are in grace, the easier life becomes because grace is also known as God’s ability that empowers us to do what we aren’t able to do by ourselves.

3: If one can be strong in grace, then one could also be weak in grace. If God has to share His Godly wisdom by saying “Be strong in grace”, then that person is not yet strong, but rather weak. So for a church or an individual, being weak in grace is a possibility.

4: God’s grace is found in Jesus! There’s only one channel by which grace will flow through and that’s JESUS CHRIST!

So if God’s grace can be strengthened in our lives, how does that happen? This may surprise you because it’s not something we focus on. If we focus on strengthening grace, then we’ve missed the whole point.

So if grace can be strengthened without us exercising to achieve stronger grace, then what do we focus on?

The answer is found in focusing on JESUS! The Bible says,

“GRACE and peace BE MULTIPLIED to you in the KNOWLEDGE OF GOD and of JESUS our Lord.” -2 Peter 1:2

When we put the focus on KNOWING JESUS, His grace is multiplied to us. Why?

Because grace has been and will always be a free gift from God. God’s grace is not stressfully achieved, it’s freely received!

Being stronger in grace is knowing Jesus more.

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