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When still a little child, one wants to grow up quickly. While still in school, one can’t wait to go to work. When already working, one wishes to go back to school. Once already old, one is acting back like a little child.

What is happening? Many people live in denial; they can’t accept the reality that is happening how. They are either obsessed with the future, or the past, without focusing themselves on the present time.

If this happens to our lives, that means we have been missing our seasons. During winter, we long for summer, hoping that it is hot and not cold. Yet, during summer we feel overheated, and hope that it is cold and not hot.

Confusing! A lot of opportunities are missed, just because we can’t appreciate the season that we are in now. In fact, every season has its own beauty, which can’t be found in other seasons. For example, in spring, the flowers bloom beautifully. In fall, the leaves on the trees turn into yellow, orange, red, and brown – which is also a beauty in itself. In winter, we can play with snow. During summer, we can go to the beach and enjoy sunshine.

So it is with every season of your life. When you are still a child, it is time for you to play, without having to think of making money. While in school, it is your time to study, and gain knowledge as much as possible. When you are already a grown-up, you have an opportunity to outpour all your ideas and creativity into your profession or ministry, to build a harmonious family of your own. When you are old, enjoy the results of all your hard work; it is time for you to be proud of your children’s achievement, and you can play with the grandchildren that you love dearly.

Live in the present time and enjoy it, because time will never come back. Don’t you ever miss another season of your life.


For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven.

Ecclesiastes 3:1.

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