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Talking about one’s character has been very interesting. Human is not perfect who doesn’t have flaws. Human’s character is different from each other and it can be shaped because of the environment, circumstances or habits. But, I believe, every character in a person can grow better if that person has awareness to change; from negative characters to become not only positive characters but righteous characters that can grow and become fruitful in the Truth.

A friend made a comment on my social networking status. I wrote “Maximize grace and continue growing in character.” After a while, there was a comment “Grace without character is nothing; the greatness of a person without humbleness in his life will become a boomerang.” I agree with his comment. Sometimes, we think that our talents are so great and our gifts are so many that we become arrogant. Oftentimes, arrogance and overconfidence make us feel like we are better than everyone else, and it can weaken the foundation of our lives. Let’s be cautious about this. Humility is the key, but learning to be humble is not easy.

How about charisma? Isn’t it important? For me, we don’t need to put much effort in building and making ourselves to be seen charismatic because shaping charisma with our own effort is useless. We don’t create charisma. Charisma is a bonus or a fruit from what we do. When our characters grow, the grace turns into blessing, and people will see the fruits in us.

Nobody is able to change our characters instantly like magic without God’s interference and our own will. God’s way seems to be slow, long, and painful. But through His way, there is something great that He wants to work on in our life. With His timing, we will understand how great our God is. With grace and the touch of His hand everything will be worth it.

Our relationship with God will bring impact and produce a fruit to the grace within us and to the ministry we do. Our ministry and grace don’t guarantee how close we are with God and how we can grow our characters. It is the relationship with God that makes us grow and make everything we do be worth it. Let’s remain close to the great, strong, powerful Personality. Maximize God’s grace and continue building and growing our characters with Him.

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