Arrogance Brings Destruction

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Having abundant wealth and high position is a dream for every human. But when human have them all, they tend to be arrogant or proud. This characteristic is common to those who think they have everything without realizing that they look down on others with their words or their doings.

Arrogance means that one feels he is better than others, so they look down on people. This seems to be rooted within men, especially in this modern life, many people say that it is understandable to boast about wealth or intelligence that they have.

Arrogance is not only limited to those who have wealth, but also to servants of God. They are arrogant as if they are holier than anyone else. This is what we call spiritual arrogance.  It means that they are proud of themselves with religion as their attributes. They easily judge those whom they think are not fit in their hearts.

They usually compare their spiritual growth with others, they feel they are spiritually higher than others, and sometimes they want to show off their spirituality with people around them.

We have to remember that arrogance is the beginning of destruction. Based on the story in the bible, where king Nebuchadnezzar fell into the sin of arrogance by boasting about the power and wealth that he had, his reign eventually went down and he was immensely mocked.

Therefore, prevent arrogance from taking roots within our hearts, and try to do self-introspection so that we are not trapped into the sin of arrogance. And the main thing to do and remember is always asking God to move us away from arrogance. (MS/ST)

James 4:6b “God opposes the proud, but shows favor to the humble.”

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