Opening of New Center at Panipahan, 3rd-4th of September 2012

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ALC (Anugrah Learning Center) in Panipahan, Riau was the 6th Learning Center that was opened on September 4 of this year. It was really pleasing to witness our Church Make Over Project in this area has produced a result, that is a sustainable partnership through empowering the community with education. Upon arriving from two-hours boat ride off Tanjung Balai, we were greeted by the center leader, Mrs. Sinta Marpaung and were taken on a motor bike ride through the narrow streets of Panipahan. It was really a neat experience to see a city that is practically standing on the coastal water.

After a 10-minutes motor bike ride, we finally arrived at GBI Panipahan where the Learning Center would be held at. A beautiful late afternoon with children swimming in a high tide, the community was very excited and welcomed us. Without delay and hesitation, they proudly hung the Anugrah Learning Center banner that we brought across the church hall, confident that the children and the community would accept the Adikku Sayang Scholarship Program.

Parents and the pre-selected children filled up the hall quickly and were very enthusiastic as Anugrah brought the news to officially open the new Learning Center. A total of 9 children were accepted and were given introductory brand new school bags and supplies in what we call, “a better way to start the new school year.” Not only that, these children morning nutrition will be looked after and their school fees will also be fully supported by the Adikku Sayang Scholarship Program. With glimmering eyes and hope, the parents were grateful that at the end of the tunnel, there is at least hope that their children will be able to continue their education without worrying about how to pay for the fees if it’s not enough.

Author: Brian Hendrata

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