Christmas Celebration with Adikku Sayang students to Bank Indonesia Museum, December 2012

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This Christmas, Anugrah Ministries took the students of Adikku Sayang scholarship program from Mangga Ubi, Cengklong, and Sumpiuh centers for a fieldtrip to Bank Indonesia Museum. The visit started with watching a movie of the history of money and Bank Indonesia, then we continued to look at the collections of the museum, including the old currency.

After that we went to one of the restaurants in central Jakarta. The Christmas celebration became more exciting as children from Pondok Domba Orphanage joined us. Together we were eating lunch, singing, playing games, watching a clown’s performance, and each of the children received a goodie bag as their Christmas gift. The ambassador of Adikku Sayang, Joe Richard was also among us to give inspiration to the children. Their joy is our happiness. Hallellujah!

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