Friska Enjelina

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Gender : Female

Age : 10

Birthday : February 15, 2002

Grade : 4

Parents Name : Andre dan Narsiyah

Location : Sumpiuh

Parents Profession : Private employees

School : SD 3 Kemiri

Dream Goal : Tailor



My everyday activities in the morning are: wake up, wear my school’s uniform and shoes. I go to  my church to have my egg and milk breakfast. Then, my friends and I go to school together. I take time to have a chat with my friends. About three o’ clock in the afternoon, I get ready for Anugrah Learning

Centre. It ends at about six o’clock in the evening.

After I get home from the Learning Center at eight o’clock,

I  prepare myself to go to sleep and not forgetting to pray for Anugrah Ministries.

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