Esda Michael Alrezie Harinanto

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Gender : Male

Age : 13

Birthday : September 7, 1998

Grade : 8

Parents Name : Daniel Ridwan Harinanto

Location : Banyumas, Sumpiuh

Parents Profession : Pastor

School : SMP Negeri 2 Sumpiuh

Dream Goal : To be a soccer player, a musician, and God’s   follower forever.



In the morning, I start to prepare my books for school and take a shower. After I am done, I wear my clothes and have my drink milk and egg breakfast. I also pray to get to school safely and not forgetting to pray for Anugrah Ministry as well. Then, I say my goodbye to my mom and dad.

I go to school until one o’clock in the afternoon. Then, I have my meals, watch TV, and wait until Anugrah Learning Centre starts. Sometimes, I open the prayer for the learning centre and even close the prayer. After the learning centre, I take a shower, eat, and watch TV for a little bit. Then, I continue with my studies.

In the evening, before I go to sleep, I never forget to pray.

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