Agus Agung Pambudi

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Gender : Male

Age : 7

Birthday : August 8, 2006

Grade : 2

Parents Name : Mr. Kahid Hendriyanto & Mrs. Suyanti

Location : Solo

Parents Profession : Self Employed

School : SDN Kedung Lumbu 128

Dream Goal : Pilot



My name is Agus Agung Pambudi. I’m in grade 2 and my elementary school is Negri Kedung Lumbu 128. Every morning I wake up at 6:00 and take a shower immediately. After changing to my school uniform, I have my breakfast and leave home to school at 07.00AM. My school starts at 07.30; the journey from home to school is approximately 2 minutes ride on a motorcycle with my dad.

After getting home from school, I take a break and then do my homework, and then I play. At around 04.00PM I take shower, and then have my meal. At 06.00PM, I study until about 08:00PM, then off to sleep.

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