Krisna Dwi Kuncoro

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Gender : Male

Age : 11

Birthday : October 14, 2002

Grade : 5

Parents Name : Mr. Wahyu Kristyanto & Mrs. Cuci Manah

Location : Solo

Parents Profession : Labor

School : SD H. Losari 153

Dream Goal : Trader



My dad’s name is Mr. Wahyu & my mom’s name is Mrs. Cuci Manah. I have a sister and her name is Oktavia. Every day I wake up at 6 AM, take shower, and prepare myself to go to school. I get home from school at 1 pm, and change my clothing, have lunch, and play until 3PM. I go home to take a rest, while watching TV and I usually my dog foods. I also accompany my brother at home, while helping my mother to make meatballs to sell for later. I take shower at 4PM, while my mother is out selling, I usually stay at home and play, until she gets home from selling her meatballs at 7PM, then I study and accompanied by the mother. At 9 PM, I go to sleep.

I am allowed to play PlayStation for 2 hours on Saturday, but on the regular weekdays I wouldn’t be allowed to play. On Sunday, I go to Sunday school. That’s the short story of my life so far and I can say that we just have about enough. I am not too demanding, but I give thanks, because parents always provide for me. Thank you.


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