Hengki Tri Prasetya

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Gender : Male

Age : 11

Birthday : August 15, 2002

Grade : 6

Parents Name : Bpk. Wakiyo & Ibu Anastasia Sri Sumirat

Location : Solo

Parents Profession : Self employed

School : SDN Sawahan 2

Dream Goal : Soccer Athlete



These are my daily activities: I wake up everyday at 5.30 AM and take shower at 6.00 AM, change into my uniform and continue to have breakfast. I go to school at 7:30AM and come home from school at noon. After school, I take break and help my mom working at her shop (Warung). Later in the afternoon, I play football with my friends and at 5PM, I take a shower, study at 7PM, and continue off to sleep at 9PM.


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