Makrizal Amsal Telaumbanua

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Gender : Male

Age : 12

Birthday : October 29, 2000

Grade : 5

Parents Name : Wandi Telambanua

Location : Padang

Parents Profession : Labor

School : SDN 3 – Simpang Haru

Dream Goal : To be a cop



In the morning after I wake up, I pray and take a shower. After that I arrange my book for school and leave for church for my egg and milk breakfast. After that I go to to school and do my morning exercise. After that, I line up and getting ready to go inside class, and there are so many things that I learn at school. After I get home from school, I usually take care of my little brother and play hand guns with my friends. Beside that, I love drawing at home.

My Dream Goal is to be a cop, To take care of traffic lights, because I dislike people who don’t wear helmets. I will study hard to achieve my dream goal.


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