Firman Saputra Sihite

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Gender : Male

Age : 12

Birthday : December 1, 2005

Grade : 7

Parents Name : Mrs. Liana Renny

Location : Padang

Parents Profession : Housewife

School : SDN 14

Dream Goal : Teacher



I wake up in the morning and I usually take the time to pray even though I sometimes would forget to do it. After shower and changed to my school uniform tidily, I have my breakfast before going to school. After breakfast, my mother accompanied me to the Nutrition’s housing for egg and milk meals. I am very excited to be in the Adikku Sayang program, because I can enjoy having egg and milk every morning.

After breakfast, we would leave for school. Before entering the class, we would line up and everyday I would follow different kind of teachings according to the scheduled learning topics. One of the topics that I enjoy the most is Bahasa Indonesia, since I love to read. Everyday I follow the lesson earnestly and wholeheartedly.

After school, my mother picks me up, since I cannot go home by myself yet. That is my everyday activity.


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