Yesika Natalia

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Gender : Female

Age : 9

Birthday : December 31, 2003

Grade : 2

Parents Name : Mr. Melkias Jaha & Mrs. Yati

Location : Mangga Ubi

Parents Profession :

School : SDN Kedaung Kaliangke 04 Petang

Dream Goal :



I wake up at 5 AM, make my bed, shower & drink milk at the centre, then I return home. I go to school at 11.30AM. Before leaving, I take my time to help my parents sweeping the floor and taking care of my siblings.

After finishing things, I get ready to prepare for my school and uniforms, then quickly going to school. I arrive at noon and the bel rings at 12.30 PM, and my class begins. My recess starts at 3PM and ends at 3.30. School usually ends at 4 P, then I go home.

I arrive home at around 16:30 and head off to church to attend the learning centre, upon finishing I go home, shower, have my meals, and rest for a little bit. At 18:30, I reviewed what I’ve studied until 19:00, prepared for my school subjects for the next day.

After that, I brush my teeth, wash my feet, pray, and go to sleep.

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