Nadilah Yuliani

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Gender : Female

Age : 12

Birthday : July 25, 2000

Grade : 6

Parents Name : Marsiyo

Location : Mangga Ubi

Parents Profession : Self employed

School : SDN KKA 15

Dream Goal : Presenter



I wake up at 5:00 AM. I take shower and do my shalat prayer. After that I take on my uniform and quickly go take my nutrition such as milk, egg, and sausage every morning.

After taking the morning nutrition, I go home and wear my shoes then I go to my school. Once arrived, I start my school’s morning duty and I talk with my friends. After the bell rang, I lined up at the very back.

After that I entered my class and have my recess after and we start our study again. After the bell rung, I put my books in my bag. After arriving at home, I change my clothes, watch TV, and I usually fall asleep. After I wake up at around 2 PM, I have my afternoon Dhuhr prayer, go on to play bike and Asr prayer. After that I take shower and leave for the learning program.

After that, I take the maghrib prayer and then I do my homework. After that I watch TV and go to sleep. As of now, I am pursuing my dream to be a presenter, and hopefully to become a reality.

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