Agnes Adelina

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Gender : Female

Age : 18

Birthday : August 20, 1995

Grade : 12

Parents Name : Mr. Melkias Jaha & Mrs. Yati

Location : Mangga Ubi

Parents Profession : Labor

School : SMK Harapan Raya

Dream Goal : Fashion Designer


After waking up at 05:30, I take my morning nutrition at 06.00 and then leaving to school at 06.30. After getting home from school at 14.30, I look after my younger siblings and sometimes I help my relative at the “shop”. After that I attend the learning center, which usually starts from 16.00 until 18.00, and then I go home to shower, eat and clean up the house. Then at 19:30 I help tutoring my neighbor until 20:30 pm, after that I tidy up my textbooks and go to sleep. Usually on Friday, Saturday and Sunday I usually work to keep the store for my uncle.


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