Josua Arzenta

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Gender : Male

Age : 16

Birthday : August 15, 1997

Grade : 8

Parents Name : Mr. Buto & Mrs. Umeng

Location : Mangga Ubi

Parents Profession : Labor & Housewife

School : SMP Harapan Bangsa

Dream Goal : Soccer Athlete & Architect


My day-to-day activities:

I wake up early, shower, tidy up my schoolbooks and uniforms. Then, I go take my morning nutrition such as eggs and milk. After that I went to school. Getting home from school, I usually take the chickens out of the cage and feed the pigeons on the roof. After that, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I always attend the learning centre at 04.00 pm. Then, after returning from the learning center, again I would feed the birds and chickens.

Those are my day-to-day activities.


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