Stefanny Mutiara Dewi

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Gender : Female

Age : 12

Birthday : September 5, 1999

Grade : 7

Parents Name : Ana Maryanti

Location : Cengklong

Parents Profession : Housewife


Dream Goal : Singer and God’s servant



My everyday life is about going to school, studying to gain knowledge, and to make my parents happy when I grow up. Secondly, I help to do chores around the house such as: washing the dishes, mopping the floor, and other works.

I am grateful for the scholarship I received to pay for my school and I want to achieve my life’s goal to be a successful person.

Every morning before I go to school, I go to GBI Cengklong church to have my milk and egg breakfast. After school, I use my time to rest and study. I go to church, which I find to be the most important thing because I want to be drawn to the Lord and that what makes me joyful at all time.

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