Tiolas Sitanggang

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Gender : Female

Age : 12

Birthday : May 2, 1999

Grade : 7

Parents Name : Risna Sinaga

Location : Cengklong

Parents Profession : Labor

School : SDN Cengklong II

Dream Goal : Doctor



My everyday life is usually waking up in the morning and praying to the Lord, so that I can follow what is being taught at school and for Him to grant me understanding of what I have learned. While at school, I am determined to learn to reach my life’s goal.

In the morning after I wake up and dressed ready for school, I go to GBI Cengklong to have my milk and egg breakfast prepared by Ps. Jacob and his wife, then I head off to my school.

After I reach home, I change clothes and take my after-noon nap. Afterwards, I help my parents to broom, mop, and tidy things at home. Then, I take shower, study, and have dinner. I am grateful to the Lord to be in this scholarship program and it really helps me.

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