The Process Of God

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Scriptures: Genesis 50:15-21

And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God,
to those who are the called according to His purpose.

Romans 8:28


We may be interested to see beautiful jewelries that are sold in the jewelry store. Yet, do we know that before gold can be turned into a beautiful piece of jewelry, it must be processed first? The gold must be put inside a fiery furnace, and then hammered in such a way. If the result is not yet satisfying, the gold will have to keep on being perfected, so when it comes out of the furnace, it can be formed into something beautiful. The hotter the furnace is, the purer the gold will be.

In the word of God, we can see how God processed His servants, such as Joseph, who was ill-treated by his brothers. He was sold to Egypt; he was even accused and imprisoned. However through problems, Joseph finally became a ruler of Egypt and a helper to his family members. God has a plan behind every process. Though it may seem that we are going through unpleasant circumstances, through problems and challenges, everything will always be for good. So it is with our lives. By processing, God longs to see us to become beautiful in His sight. Through the shaping and molding, God wants us to have His character, and Christian faith that is more mature and already tested. Only through process will our real faith in God be proven.

On top of that, we will personally encounter God. Therefore, don’t easily give up or be dismayed when facing trials or problems. Face the reality; be steadfast in God, so in the end we will come out as pure gold. In every process, have this belief that God never leaves us, and that whatever we are experiencing will never be greater than our strength. God will uphold us when we fall, so we will not be utterly cast down. Always ask for His power and Holy Spirit so we can go through every process. When God purifies our lives, He will do it in perfection. Therefore, don’t rebel, so our process will not be prolonged. (J/DC)

Hold on if you are currently going through a process, and give thanks to God. As in the due season, you will enjoy the beautiful results whereby you will be enabled to enjoy God’s good plan in your life.


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