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Reading Verse: Genesis 12:1-20

Now the LORD had said unto Abram, Get thee out of thy country, and from thy kindred, and from thy father’s house, unto a land that I will show thee:

Genesis 12:1


In the reading verse, it is written how God told Abram to leave his country. At that moment, Abram didn’t know where to go, but he obeyed God and did what He said. Although he had no idea where to go, he left his country. Abram believed that God would guide him to the promise land. Even though he hadn’t seen, he believed that God provided the best. This is why Abram was called the father of the faithful.

Abram also proved his obedience when God told him to sacrifice Isaac. Isaac was his only son, but Abram didn’t go against God’s word. Instead, he brought Isaac to be sacrified  to God. It wasn’t easy for Abram. But because of his obedience, God offered a sacrifice to replace Isaac. God knew that Abram had an obedient heart, and he loved God more than he loved his own son. God paid attention to Abram’s obedience.

In today’s life, God is longing for us to be obedient to Him. Often times He gives us orders, and no matter how small the order is, we have to do it. For example, when God wants us to obey His words, we should obey and do His words. No order is heavy if we are willing to obey it.

The Word of God said that Jesus can become a role model in terms of obedience because all His life Jesus obeyed His Father even until He died at the cross to redeem our sins. Obedience is an important part of all things that we do for God. It is more important than any sacrifices that we give Him. Obedience is a proof that we love God. When we obey and be faithful to God, He will give it back to us. God will add great things in our lives. God will fulfill His promises for us. As Abram obeyed God, God blessed Abram and his descendants. Let God always finds us being obedient before Him.


Let each of us have an obedient life to God; let our life please His heart. 

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