In God’s Protection

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Reading Verse: Genesis 7: 1 – 24

“Then the Lord said to Noah, “Come into the ark, you and all your household, because I have seen that you are righteous before Me in this generation.”

Genesis 7: 1

When God was about to send rain down on Earth, He commanded Noah and his household and all the cattle to come into the ark. When rain came down on Earth for 150 days, only Noah and his household was saved. God protected Noah till the flood resided, for it was said that Noah lived righteously before God.

 We need God’s protection in this life. All of us cannot avoid dangerous and unsafe situations. However, in all circumstances, trust that God is our sole source of protection and He is our hiding place. He will protect us from all kinds of danger for He loves us very much.

 Psalms 91 says that He is our only place of refuge and in Him, we are safe. To receive God’s protection, we must first make Him our sole place of protection itself. Romans 8: 31 says that if God is with us, then no one is against us. If we depend on God in our lives, then He ill give us His protection for the rest of our lives. He will keep our lives safe from danger.

 There is no way we can depend on our human strength to protect each of our steps. Even when we are already very careful, danger could still approach us. We cannot guard our children for 24 hours and we cannot watch over our treasures all the time. However, the word of God says that He gives us guarantee from mishaps. He will watch over our lives. He will protect each of His people. With Jesus, we are safe. God is a firm hiding place, and with Him, we will be protected from all kinds of evil.

 Next, we need to pray for God’s protection at all times. Praying to God is something very important and it can give us protection. When we pray, God will look after our steps and we will be safe. When there is a dangerous situation around us, do not fear. Trust that God is our shield and our protection. His protection and existence is perfect for us. God has many ways to help us.

No matter our situation today, let us learn to entrust our lives into God’s protection. 

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