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Reading Verse: Genesis 13:1-18

 Is not the whole land before thee? separate thyself, I pray thee, from me: if thou wilt take the left hand, then I will go to the right;

or if thou depart to the right hand, then I will go to the left.

Genesis 13:9


Before Abram separated from Lot, Abram gave Lot a chance to choose a place that he’d like to live. At that time, Abram could have made a choice first, but he didn’t do it. From this story, it shows that Abram had humility, and because of it God blessed him. God promised to bless him and his descendants, and would make it a big nation. The same goes in this life, we should be humble, and not arrogant. Having humility doesn’t mean we lower ourselves. Humility is when we are aware and admit that without God we are not able to reach success. Everything that we got is all because of His grace, and not from our own ability.

Humility also means that we admit our weaknesses, and admit the power and glory of God. A proof that we are humble is keep depending on Him in any situations. It is written in Jeremiah17:7 that happy of those who always count on God, and never count on their own ability. One humble role model is Jesus Christ. Since He was born, He never boasted Himself; instead He humbled Himself and obeyed to His Father until He died at the cross. As Christ’s followers, we should also have humility.

The next proof of humilty is when we keep our close relationship with God. Although we have been successful, we should keep being close and depending on God. Another proof is willing and courageous to admit mistakes. As David was corrected by Nathan, David admitted his mistake and accepted the correction. So, a humble person is one that can accept advice, correction, and is willing to admit his mistake.

In the Word of God, Jesus says whoever wants to be the biggest he should be the smallest. Humility is one of God’s ways to give us promotion. When we are able to humble ourselves before God, He will promote our life to the higher level. On the other hand, whoever speak high of himself he will be humbled.

Today, even though we have become successful, we should never be arrogant. Remember that all things are from the Lord. Let us admit that without God we can do nothing.

Let us learn from Jesus, because He is gentle and humble. 

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