God’s Plan is Always The Best

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Reading Verse: Numbers 15:1-41

“I know that You can do everything, And that no purpose of Yours can be withheld from You”

Job 42:2

In life, sometimes we may think that many plans are the best for us, but the truth is we will never know what will happen in the future. Often times, we experience failures or bad things happen to us because literally what we think is good for us is in fact not always good for us. As human beings, our ability is limited so we are not able to certainly know everything. God’s plan may be different from our desires, but only His plan is the best for us. He is the Omniscient God and His plan never fails. He has better plans more than what we can think of.

His plan is always the best because it is always beautiful in its time. The Word of God says that God makes everything beautiful in His time. He is never too late or too early in revealing His plan because everything given to us comes in its perfect timing. So, if we hope for something that hasn’t been answered, don’t worry because He will give it to us on time, and He never forgets about us. We only need to be patient in waiting for the fulfillment of His plans.

There is a beautiful plan from God behind each of our problems. Nothing comes in coincidence in life. Everything happens for a reason and for a good purpose from God. Thus, we must always have positive thinking and trust the Lord.

As human beings, we may not always understand His plan. However, we need to learn to be involved in His plan. Never go out of His way because His way is the only way to bring us to His plan. Although we have no idea what God’s plan for our lives, keep the faith and trust that God will never bring us to the bad things.

No matter what has happened today, believe that God is always good and His plan is the best for us. Keep giving thanks to the Lord until we see the fulfillment of His beautiful plan. Amen.

God is never late or too early in revealing His plan because everything will be given to us on time


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