God is Our Strength

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Reading Verse: Numbers 14:1-45

“The Lord is my strength and my song; he has given me victory. This is my God, and I will praise him”

Exodus 15:2

Often times when we experience many struggles, troubles, or problems, our faith becomes weak and we may lose our strength in living this life. In fact, we should remain strong and never give up in the midst of troubles because we have God as the source of our strength. In God alone we can become strong. With Him we can face anything and will not be shaken. Don’t become pessimistic in facing hard problems because we can do anything in Him who gives us strength.

In order to get strength from God we need to have a close relationship with Him. Because He is our only source of strength, and with Him we will not be shaken. Keep praying while waiting for Him. The Word of God says that those who wait on God will get new strength. Our strength will be renewed through prayers and a close relationship with Him.

We can also get strength when we read and meditate on His word. His words are the spiritual food for our lives. Never look down on His words because in the Word are God’s promises, which bring strength and new hope. Keep praising Him and meditate on the truth of His words.

Although there are many problems in life, don’t feel weak. Stay strong, keep walking with God, and depend on Him as the source of our strength. With Him we can bear anything and come out as the conquerors. Amen.


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