God is always Present

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Reading Verse: Judges 2:1-23

You know when I sit and when I rise; you perceive my thoughts from afar

Psalm 139:2

God we worship is God who is always present everywhere, so we can’t run away from Him. Thus, we must believe that God’s present is perfect for us. When we are going through hardship, remember that Jesus knows it all and He is always there for us. He is Emmanuel who is always with us in all circumstances and He never leaves us walk alone. In times of trouble, God always gives strength so that we could endure the problems. He also gives us encouragement. Believe that the problems will not go beyond our strength. Never be bitter. Jesus is always ready to help us. God is always present when we fail, and He will never let us experience despair, instead He will lift us up. When we experience success, remember that it is not only because of our effort, but it is the grace of God that we are able to achieve it. Keep in mind that it is not because of our strength, because our abilities have limit. So, keep leaning on God and always give thanks.

When we feel sad, God also always present to give encouragement so that we may experience joy and peace. So, never feel alone and dwell in sadness because Jesus is always with us. When we sin, God also knows it all. He knows what we are thinking because nothing is hidden from God. Even if we do sin in a hidden place, God is able to see it. We can lie to people, but we can’t lie to God, as He is the All-knowing God. Therefore, we must watch what we do so that we can be pleasing before Him. Since God is always present for us, we don’t need to worry. Believe that our hope will not go wasted and there will be victory.

In this life, we must be able to enjoy every season in our lives. God always has plan in every season. Everything will be beautifully revealed in its time. In any circumstances, keep walking with God, then we will find a way out and have a victorious life.

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