God Helps and Listens

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Reading Verse: Exodus 20:1-26

The Lord is good,
a refuge in times of trouble.
 He cares for those who trust in him.

 Nahum 1:7

When we are in troubles, it is certain that we need help or a way out. The Word of God says that God gives rest to those who are weary and burdened. When we encounter a problem, Jesus is also a refuge and a place to lean on; He never turns down anyone who come to Him for help. There is always hope in Him and His power to help never changes. We don’t need to be afraid, because nothing is impossible to God. He has great power to help us.

As believers, we should be thankful because we have God who cares for our presence. He is even willing to be a place to pour out our hearts. No matter how heavy our problem is, bring it to Him and tell Him everything. He is not only willing to hear our pans but He is also a true Helper. As a matter of fact, God’s hands couldn’t be longer to save, and His hearing couldn’t be sharper to listen.”

We have to be patient in waiting for His help. His help is never late; God is always on time in prevailing His help, and His promises never fail. As the story when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead, His help seemed to be too late because Lazarus was already buried. However, God was able to raise him and this became a good witness for everybody. Therefore, don’t worry in facing any problems. Surrender all to God, and wait for His help patiently because His help is never disappointing. It is written in the Word of God that those who hold their hope on God will get a new strength. It means that while we are waiting for God’s help, our lives will not become weak, but get stronger.

Then, we also need to surrender instead of giving up. Surrendering to God means that we only depend on His work in our lives. Never rely on our own strength, because it has limit, but His power is limitless.


Surrender all to God, believe that with Him we will have a victorious life. Amen

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