Getting Closer To God

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Reading Verse: Joshua 1:1-18

 He alone is my rock and my salvation, my fortress where I will never be shaken.

Psalms 62:2

Life is not always good. Sometimes we face challenge, danger, or problem that steals our peace. But in the midst of uncertainty, all we need to do is getting closer to God as He is the source of life. We will have everything from God. We can’t live far from Him. Moreover, as human beings, our lives are full with weaknesses so we need to get close to God. It is written in Psalms 62:2 that being close to God makes our souls peaceful. God is the source of peace. When we need peace we should live in His presence. Even when we are in struggles, we have to get closer to God so that we don’t become weak. When we are at peace, we will get new strength in facing the existing problems.

Our days will also be beautiful when we have the closeness with the Lord since He is always with us. Every now and then many people feel bored in going through this life, but the closeness to God will be able to turn it all into something good. Even though there are many struggles, we will remain strong. God will replace worry with joy and peace. Never you’re your hobby or other pleasures to replace God because those are only temporary. Only when we are close to God will we experience peace and new strength. When we have a close relationship with God, He will show us the way we must take. God will always give us wisdom so we are enabled to make the best decision. In addition, God will reveal His promise to those whose lives are close to Him. God will protect and deliver us from evil if we make ourselves closer to Him. One way to get close to Him is having special time to be quiet, to pray, and to worship.

God longs for us to be close to Him all the time. Never get away from God. Live close to God because in Him is the guarantee of all of our lives. Jesus is the source of everything for us. He is the only source of our victory. Amen.

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