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Reading Verse: Joshua 12:1-24

There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off

Proverbs 23:18

Each of us must feel that tomorrow is a mystery, because no one knows about their own future. Many people are worried about their future. But according to the Word of God, surely there is a future, and our hope will never be cut off. Jesus even made a promise that He provides the best future of hope, so we don’t need to worry in facing tomorrow. When God makes a promise, He will fulfill it. He never lies in each of His promise. So, don’t become pessimistic with our current circumstances today. God can restore our situation, and He can turn something bad into something good. Our future is not determined by what we have, but our whole future is in Jesus alone. When Joseph was having bad experiences: thrown into a well, sold as a slave, put into prison, but God truly gave Joseph the best future for him in the end. Therefore, do not worry. Keep doing what we can do while relying on God all the time. And God will do the rest and bless us. We should not be passive and pessimistic in living this life. We have to move on and do the best.

Furthermore, live close to God because every time we are close to Him, He will guide us to the best future. Regardless of our failures, do not be afraid and worried. We must go on. In God, there is a certain guarantee of our future. Keep praying and God will give His wisdom to find a good future. Give your future to God. Even though we are having a bad day today, don’t be anxious because God is able to restore our lives. He is the one who holds our future. When we have everything, keep in mind that only God who has power over our future, so never depend on your own strength.

Never worry about tomorrow. Let live our days with joyful heart.

Welcome the beautiful future. With God, we will have good future full of hope. Amen. 

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