Do not Keep the Root of Bitterness

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Reading Verse: Judges 4:1-24

Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice.

Ephesians 4:31

The hardest thing to do when we are hurt is to give forgiveness. If we continue holding a grudge, then it will become the root of bitterness to us. When bitterness is all over us, hatred will fill up our heart. Remember that the Word of God tells us to always forgive those who do us wrong. If we don’t forgive, then our Father in heaven will not forgive us. One characteristic of a person who keeps bitterness in his heart is that they often hurt others and always have negative thoughts. This person tends to become a problem for the others. In the medical point of view, the root of bitterness can harm us because it can cause diseases. Some people get sick because they hold grudge in their heart and are not able to forgive.

Keep our heart away from the root of bitterness by having humility; in other words, whenever people hurt our heart we should give forgiveness as God has forgiven us. And never blame each other, but love each other instead. It is commonly hard for us to forgive when someone hurt us, but we must be humble ourselves to forgive. Forgiving can make our heart filled with relief and joy, so there will be no root of bitterness in our heart. The root of bitterness can hinder our prayers to God. Before we pray to God, we must clean our heart from any resentment or pain. Holding a grudge will also hinder the blessings from God. Live in love so His blessings may always come upon us.

We should not hold onto the root of bitterness in life, so whenever our heart starts to hurt, we must take action immediately before it turns out into the root of bitterness. God longs for us to live in love and forgiveness so that our heart can always be joyful. If it is hard for us to forgive, ask God to give us strength so it will enable us to forgive others. Let the Holy Spirit to soften our heart in order to get rid of the bitterness. Be someone can always forgive and from this day on free ourselves from bitterness.

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