Report from Anugrah Medical Team in Palu #Solider4Palu – Day 3 & 4, 10-11 October 2018

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On our third operational day, Wednesday, 10 Oct 2018 and fourth day, Thursday, 11 Oct 2018, Anugrah Medical Team strolled around Kayumalue, about 40 minutes from Palu.

We gave medical help to around 250 patients on the third day, and around 300 patients on the fourth day.

Here’s report from Doctor Indi:
Today, I met Mr. Adhan Munir, 37 years old. He sells traditional snacks on the street. He had two kids. He lost his wife, one of his kids, and his nephew. This man came in with a wound on his left sole. Their house flat to the ground, the only thing left is the foundation. His youngest child was found alive under the rubble, torn on his right leg. Mr. Adhan everyday goes around looking for his wife, until today he has not found her yet. If he can find her, he is planning to go back to his home town in Bojonegoro.

Here’s another report from one of Anugrah volunteers, Mario:
We had a patient named Mr. Wale, 53 years old. He was limping (walking with the help of a cane). He bumped on sharp object (during the earthquake) and he asked for medical assistance from our medical team. So sad that his wife is not yet found until today. This is already H+15 since the disaster.

Sometimes our function is not merely giving help. They also need us to listen to them. So they can speak out the heavy burdens on their soul. Our prayer for Mr. Adhan Munir and Mr. Wale, and all the waiting families, may they find some information regarding their lost family members.

One of our volunteering teams went back to Jono Oge in Sigi. We distributed some relief supplies here once more, in the form of rice, milk, instant food, and sanitary.

“A Promise is Like a Debt to Pay”
Last Monday (8 Oct 2018) because of the severe condition of the road (as written on first day report), we could only bring a small pick-up car. We didn’t bring enough. So we informed Pastor Markus M., as the local pastor of a GBI church in Sigi to tell the people that we WILL BE back. They registered their names in orderly manner. Such a remarkable attitude displayed by the victims in Sigi. This is truly different that the news of rioting that we often hear.

So a promise is like a debt that we have to pay. Lacking man power, it was the young people of Rock Palu that volunteered to be our channel of distribution. Praise the Lord, the distribution went very well.

Because of the support from friends, partners and donators, Anugrah Medical and Relief Team can work more effectively. Praise God!

On the fifth day, Friday, 12 Oct 2018, we split our Medical Team into two. The first team: male doctors accompanied by two facilitators going to penetrate into Kulawi. Kulawi was one of the most difficult areas yet to access. For the first 10 days after disaster, help can only be given by the government via dropping from Helicopter.

Since the condition of the road was getting beter, our first team will do medical operation there for 2 days and two nights. We will work together with a local church and stroll around the area at 3-5 locations for two days. The condition in the field is still unpredictable. In case of rain, the road will be very slippery and has the tendency of collapsing. Please support our first team in your prayer.

Second team: female doctors and two facilitators will stroll around areas that are closer to Palu, such as Jono Oge in Sigi, Matikole, and possibly Donggala.

We will attach pictures of our third and fourth day operation. God bless!!

In HIS Service,
Ps. Daniel Hendrata & all the team of Anugrah Ministries in the field.

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