Relief Part 2 – Report 3 from Palu Anugrah Medical Team

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8-17 Nov 2018

Solider4Palu part two lasted for 12 days.

Here are the trails of the trip:
6 Nov 2018 Balaroa
7 Nov 2018 Petobo Palu Village
8 Nov 2018 Donggala
9 Nov 2018 Jono Oge Village
10 Nov 2018 Wani 1 Donggala Village
11 Nov 2018 Dewi Sartika Auri
12 Nov 2018 Duyu Palu Region
13 Nov 2018 Poi Sigi Village
14 Nov 2018 Mamboro, South Palu
15 Nov 2018 Kawatuna Village, Palu
16 Nov 2018 Amal Village, Donggala
17 Nov 2018 Biro Maru, Sigi

Everyday, Anugrah Medical Team gave free Medic and distributed food supplies. Until you receive this report, Anugrah Team had reached out to more thatn 4,100 families (approximately 10,000 people) in Palu Relief Operation, part 1 and 2.

Thank you for your support. We could not have done it without your support.

Attached are the pictures from the field. Pay attention to the enthusiasm of the people who needed help, how they lined up and waited for their turn orderly. God bless every stage of their restoration.

In His Service,
Ps. Daniel Hendrata & all Anugrah Team in the field.

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