Rafi Yovitasari Naibaho

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Gender : Female

Age : 13

Birthday : April 21, 2000

Grade : 8

Parents Name : Mr. Belman Jhon Naibaho & Ibu Turini

Location : Lampung

Parents Profession : Pastor

School : SMPN 02 Banjar Agung Tulang Bawang

Dream Goal : Presenter


Brief Description:

I wake up early morning at 05.00. After that I pray and take shower. Then, I prepare my clothes and take my bike out on the front porch. After breakfast in the morning, I go to school, where the class starts precisely at 7 in the morning and my school finishes at around 1 pm.

After playing with my sibling, I take rest and help my mom to clean the house. This is my activity right from Monday to Friday.

On the Saturday I study Christianity and afterward I have my tambourine practice at 3PM and I go to Sunday school at 8:00 am. After the Sunday school, I play with my friends. At around 4 PM I usually play the tambourine in church. Later that night, I tidy up my books and do my homework.


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