Adam Lean Ferdynan

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Gender : Male

Age : 9

Birthday : May 29, 2004

Grade : 2

Parents Name : Mrs. Yosepine Sinaga

Location : Tanah Merah

Parents Profession : Housewife

School : SD Tunas Harapan Bangsa

Dream Goal : Army


Brief Description:  

Every day I wake up in the morning to go to church to have my morning egg and milk. After that I went to school, where my favourite subjects are Math and Bahasa Indonesia. I enjoy studying in Anugrah Tutoring Program. I learn how to build up my characters, be discipline and how to give thanks and everyone helping each other. I have to wake up at 5 in the morning until 5.30. I go to school and I am very happy to receive scholarship sponsor. Lastly, I also praise God every day.

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