Markus Margo Kristanto

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Gender : Male

Age : 14

Birthday : July 8, 1997

Grade : 9

Parents Name : Kuwatno and Rini Suwarti

Location : Sumpiuh

Parents Profession : Labor

School : SMP Giri Puro Sumpiuh

Dream Goal : To be a machinist



My dad is a farmer, who goes to the farm and plow it every-

day. My dad always goes home late. My mom is a housewife. She cooks, washes clothes, dishes, cleans up the house and takes care of my little brother.

My activities in the morning are waking up, washing my face, and praying. Then, I take shower, brush my teeth, clothe myself, and have my breakfast. After I am done, I go to school. On the way to school, I drop by Ps. Daniel’s church to have my egg and drink milk breakfast. He also prays for me.

I leave to school right away from seven in the monring to noon. After that, I go home first, before I play with my friends.

I played until about 5 o’clock. I take shower and have my meals while watching TV.

I live about 1.5km away from Sumpiuh Church.

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