Esti Krisantaningtyas

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Gender : Female

Age : 15

Birthday : September 20, 1998

Grade : 9

Parents Name : Mr. Philipus & Mrs.  Nurhayati

Location : Banyumas, Sumpiuh

Parents Profession : Pastor

School : SMPN 2 Nusawungu

Dream Goal : Doctor



Everymorning at 5, my family usually has our quiet time. At 05.30 I get ready to go to school. Around 06:00-6:30, I leave home to go to Sumpiuh. There, the other children and I have our morning eggs and milk at GPSDI Sumpiuh. Afterwards, we pray before we leave for School. 6:45 to 14:00 is my school hour where I study and learn most of the time. At 14:00 to 14:30 I go home and rest. Around 15:30, I usually clean the house, take shower, and eat. After that, at around 18:30 to 20:00, I study to reiterate the lessons, I learned in school. 20.30 I sleep & rest.

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