Welman Solafide Sitompul

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Gender : Male

Age : 10

Birthday : December 27, 2002

Grade : 4

Parents Name : Mr. Resto Sitompul & Mrs. Losinde Hutabarat

Location : Panipahan

Parents Profession : Fisherman & Housewife

School : SDN Dua Desa

Dream Goal : Police



After waking up in the morning, I tidy up my bed, wash the dishes, sweep the floor and then I go to church to have my morning nutrition and go home after that. At home I help out my parents to fold our clothings, feed the pigs, and play for a bit. At noon after lunch, I take shower and say my farewell to my parents to go to school. At 1:30 PM my class starts, then during the recess break, I play with my friends and go back to class until about 5 PM. I go home and then go to church to attend the Adikku Sayang Program. I am happy because my parents are kind and are very supportive of me.


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