Yunus Jalman

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Gender : Male

Age : 9

Birthday : January 28, 2003

Grade : 3

Parents Name : Santihani Zebua

Location : Padang

Parents Profession : Labor

School : SD Kalam Kudus

Dream Goal : Pilot



In the morning, I usually get ready to go to the church for my egg and milk breakfast. After that, my mom accompanies me to go to school. At school, I learn and diligently study what is being taught. At school, I usually play with my friends and after that my mom picks me up from school.

When I get home, I usually have lunch and leave for church to go to the Anugrah Learning Program. The classes are usually held on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. After the Learning Program, I usually look after my sister and take an afternoon nap.

My Dream goal is to be a doctor, because I want to heal the sick and I am very proud for doctors who sacrifice for their patients. I will reach my dream goal and in order to be able to do that, I will focus on my study and I will always bring it into my prayer.

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