Siti Rahmawati

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Gender : Female

Age : 14

Birthday : April 27, 1998

Grade : 9

Parents Name :

Location : Mangga Ubi

Parents Profession :


Dream Goal : SMP Negeri 122



Every morning I wake up at 5 AM and take shower, then I take my morning prayer. After that I prepare myself for milk and egg everyday. Then, I go home and leave for school. I walk to school with my younger siblings. After I arrived, I get ready to learn for the subjects I am going to be learning on, then when the recess bell rang, I usually head to the canteen with my friends. When the school is over, I go home at 12:30 at noon.

When I go home, I take my Dhuhr prayer. At around 14:30

I joined the learning center 3 x a week (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday). After I get home at 18:00, I go to the mosque until 20:30. After that I go home and rest, but before that I double checked on my school supplies then have my dinner, brushed my teeth, wash

my face, go to sleep, and wait until the next day to get milk and egg again.

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