Septi Uly Angel Mariachi Simanullang

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Gender : Female

Age : 8

Birthday : September 27, 2006

Grade : 3

Parents Name : Mr. Rolasniroha & Mrs. Eva Marlina

Location : Aras 1

Parents Profession : Self employed

School : SDN Tanjung Gading

Dream Goal : Doctor



My favourite colour is pink; my favourite food is fried noodle. I love all of my family, moreover with my younger cousin, his name is Jason and he’s still a baby and is very cute. I have a dream on to becoming a doctor; every night before I go to sleep, I always read the bible. I am 7 years of age and my older brother’s name is Rafael. I like Christmas the most, since I can get new clothing. I dislike it when my mom gets mad at me, or ridiculed by my friends. Every time after meals, I usually wash the dishes and I love biking.


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