Bona Tua Tampubolon

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Gender : Male

Age : 10

Birthday : June 22, 2004

Grade : 3

Parents Name : Mr. Andi Tampubolon & Mrs. Hotnida Gultom

Location : Aras 1

Parents Profession : Housewife

School : SDN 2 Tanah Merah

Dream Goal : Pastor



My daily activities after school are usually helping my mom to do chores such as washing the dishes, closing the windows in the late afternoon, sweep the house, the back yard, and look after my younger siblings. I love my parents and my siblings. My mom always taught me many things and my dad works for a living. I am so glad when I have the chance to go to Medan or the city of Bagan Batu where my relatives live. I am very sad when my parents or my teacher got angry or being hit by my friend or even my parents. However, I love my parents who loved us so much.

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