Rafael Mariachi Manullang

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Gender : Male

Age : 9

Birthday : January 25, 2005

Grade : 5

Parents Name : Mr. Rolasniroha & Mrs. Eva Marlina

Location : Aras 1

Parents Profession : Self employed

School : SDN Tanjung Gading

Dream Goal : Pastor



I have a younger sister and her name is Angel. I love my mom very much, because she gave birth to me, raises me up, nurtures, and loves me. My mom works for a living for us and I love my mom very much. I have a dream to becoming a pastor.

My usual activities include doing house chores and look after my younger sister. I am so happy when my mom gives me presents or from my family. The saddest feeling was when my dad left us. I am very happy when I do good things to my friends. Also, my teacher disciplined me for not doing my homework.

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