Victory over Struggles

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Reading Verse: Exodus 36:1-38

For the Lord your God is the one who goes with you to fight for you against your enemies to give you victory

Deuteronomy 20:4

Winning over every struggle is everyone’s desire. During hard times, each person has a different response. Some remain strong, while others become bitter. Everytime a problem comes, don’t become weak nor panic. We should have a right reponse, because God is always be with us and give us help. We should get ourselves close to Him everytime in troubles, because He is our source of strength and help. Being close to God makes us strong, and God will give us hope and victory. Therefore, in times of troubles never get far from God, but get closer to Him instead.

Then, we must wait for God’s timing especially in waiting for the fulfillment of His promise. We should keep our hope on God’s promise that He will give victory and the best way out, because nothing is impossible for Him. Never doubt His promise, because it never fails. Each of His words will be fulfilled beautifully in His time, so we need to be patient and faithful on His promise.

We must stand strong and firm in any situations because God has a good plan. He doesn’t want us to be weak, but remain strong in His might. Keep in mind that no problems exceed our ability so we shouldn’t give up. Be firm and always endure so we may become conquerors.

In times of troubles and struggles, have the faith that God will always give the best way out. There is no dead-end because God is able to do everything. He will never leave us alone, but He will always give us strength. Be calm and have faith.

Life is a battle; oftentimes we experience trials or failures. But believe that in Jesus we will experience success. Keep your spirit up, and let your faith lay on Jesus alone, because He is the best place for help and protection while we are in troubles. Remain strong and firm in God. Amen.


Have the faith that God will always give the best way out.

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