Releasing Forgiveness

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Reading Verse: Numbers 29:1-40

Jesus answered, “I tell you, not seven times, but seventy-seven times”
Matthew 18:22

The Joseph story is a picture of a sincerity in giving out forgiveness, because although he was unfairly treated by his brothers, but he still forgave them. Even when he became successful he didn’t forget his brothers. Sometimes in life people treat us poorly or unfairly. However, we should not seek revenge because all bitterness and hatred are not pleasing to God. The Word of God teaches us to love our enemies, and also those who did us wrong. This is not easy, but whoever doesn’t forgive others, then our Father in heaven will not forgive us. Therefore, we should forgive each other.

The Word of God also talks about forgiving others seventy seven times. It means that we must always forgive whenever we have been hurt because forgiveness should be without limits. It’s not easy to forgive, but keep in mind that God has already forgiven our sins, and He even sacrificed Himself to save us. His forgiveness is unconditional and precious more than anything. Thus we must forgive so that our prayers are not hindered by hatred, revenge and hurt. Before we pray, make sure that our heart is pure and pleasing to God.

The key to forgive others is having willingness and obedience. God will give us the ability to forgive. Pray continuously, and ask for strength from Him. In addition, be generous and be humble so that we can forgive others.

Let us always learn to forgive, and never let ourselves be overcome by revenge and hurts. Don’t keep people’s mistakes; don’t pay evil with evil because forgiveness is something precious and beautiful.

When we are able to forgive, our lives will be filled with joy and peace, and God will pour out His 

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