Living in Miracles

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Reading Verse: Joshua 8:1-35

Then Joshua told the people, “Purify yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do great wonders among you.”

Joshua 3:5

This universe and everything in it is one of the greatness and the wonder of God since He is able to create something from nothing. He is our mighty and miraculous God, and nothing can compare to His great power. If God is miraculous, then we can also live in miracles every day. Don’t be afraid if we experience struggles and difficult problems. Just believe that God is able to help and make something out of nothing. The key to living in miracles is trust, because trust is the key to see God’s miracles. When we doubt, we will get nothing. If today we experience financial problem, do not fear. Trust that God is able to do miracles, to open a way out for us so that everything can be restored. God has many ways and solutions to show His miracles to us. Never doubt God’s promises. When God has made a promise, He will fulfill it. Keep in mind that God is faithful in keeping His promises. No promises that will not be fulfilled so keep your faith.

Next, we must keep our holiness and obedience. Our God is the holy God so we also must live holy. Living in sin is an obstacle to see His miracle. It is written in Jeremiah 2 that our sin is the obstacle between God and us. Therefore, if we want to experience God’s miracle in family or work, even when we want our prayer to be answered, we must always live holy and pleasing to God. Believe that God is able to bless beyond our understanding. When we feel that there seems to be no way out, believe that God is still there to do miracles for us.

Stay faithful to the Word of God because there are many promises in the Word that will bring miracles to us. Live this life with faith and trust only in Jesus. Never be doubtful. Keep hoping that God’s miracle will happen in our lives, because God is able to do anything. With God, we will experience miracles and victorious life. Amen.

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