God the Source of Victory

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Reading Verse: Exodus 7:1-25

You are my King and my God, who decrees victories for Jacob.

Psalms 44:5

In living this life, we definitely want to have victorious life. We do various ways, but the fact sometimes says otherwise, we find obstacles or even failures. However, we shouldn’t give up because Jesus is the only source of victory. Bear in mind that our ability as human is limited, on the other hand God’s power is limitless. He has power to do anything, and He will never let us down. Therefore, don’t give up on current situations. We should remain strong and keep moving toward our goals, because God will give us victory. Never stop because of obstacles or failures; troubles are stepping-stones to reach victory.

We should be optimistic while keeping God’s promises in mind. He will give us victory. When we are in doubt, meditate His promise again, and remember His kindness. Believe that all God’s plan is good. We have to keep our focus on God only, even though we experience something bad. We’ve got to believe that God is able to give help, and He is bigger than our problems. When put our hope in Him, we will experience victory. When there seems to be no way out, believe that God is our source of victory, and He will open a way, and His help is never late.

When we depend on Him, don’t worry because He guarantees our lives. Our part is just to do what we can do, and for the rest God will help us. Whatever we are going through, God will never leave us alone. God will always be there and bring us to His victorious way.

So, when we feel our lives start going down, and everything seems hopeless, remember that the source of our help and victory is in Jesus. Whatever we are facing now, be strong, because with Him we will gain victory. Amen.


When we depend on Him, don’t worry because He will guarantee our lives.

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